The power of chaos

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The power of chaos Review

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Official Game Description
The seal of the millennium was unraveled and evil came back to the world. Only those who have the power of chaos can seal the evil again. You will experience an adventure with evil.

Game introduction

"The power of chaos" is a 2D platform jump type game where players need to kill enemies to gain the power of chaos to improve their power. In the game, you need to pass through dangerous levels and kill BOSS to get the final victory.
The attack mode of the game is divided into normal attack and skill attack. The player can use chaos force to enhance attack damage, and can also use chaos to learn new skills or improve skill effects.
During the game, the player can obtain the coat of arms by opening the treasure chest or killing the BOSS. Different coats of arms have different attributes, and the player can equip himself with multiple coats of arms.

Main features

When the main character of the game is in the air, it can carry out the impact of the wind (accumulation impact), the impact of the wind can move quickly, and the enemy will automatically attack and damage the bonus during the rapid movement.

The impact of the wind can pass through special terrain.

The impact of the wind can quickly attack the enemy and also quickly leave the enemy's attack range. Use this very well to make your operation show break the sky.

Everyone enjoy playing this game
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