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This Land Is My Land

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This Land Is My Land Review: The Game Fenimore Cooper Would Write

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This Land Is My Land is a stealth-and-survival game telling a story of a Native American tribe chief. European invaders have come, and he leads his tribe to defend the land, along with their regular problems… Download This Land Is My Land for Windows and try the way of the real chief!

Graphics 5/5

Games like this are all about immersion. American landscapes are embracing you from your screen; characters move and look naturally, and the sounds make you want to stop breathing. Third-person perspective lets you look at your character run and ride, shoot and stab, walk or sneak. The movements are also quite natural. It’s a shame that too many menus distract you from this beauty. But it may change, as the game is still in Early Access.

Gameplay 5/5

It’s mostly a stealth survival game. The setting is familiar: white colonists are conquering America, and Native American tribes don’t like it. But they cannot simply drive the newcomers away, so they start their long-time resistance. Despite we already know the general outcome, it’s still great to see it from another, not so mainstream perspective.

But, emulating the everyday life of the tribe, This Land Is My Land also has a lot to craft, to search, to consume and even to invent. The attention to detail, both in visuals and in everyday actions, is so high that the game is often compared to Red Dead Redemption 2. And, really, living your chief’s life is almost as detailed of that of Arthur Morgan.

As the Chief, you have some warriors under your control. They can be sent on various missions, from a hit-and-hide ride to establishing a new camp. The parameters of the mission are set through menus, and you keep the situation in your mind. Alas, it also means some distance, so you cannot just go on a mission with your warriors; send them and watch them do the work. Are you a chief or what?

Controls 5/5

It’s a solely PC game, so let’s forgive it only partial controller support. Instead, it offers a familiar scheme with WASD to move, Space to roll, left Shift to sprint, holding X to sneak, and so on. There may be some special combination that isn’t mapped to your gamepad by default (though there is Xpadder anytime). 

Replay Value 5/5

The best reason to replay This Land Is My Land is that the game is changing each time you restart it. Animals run, the weather changes, the cities of the whites grow, and it never happens the same way twice. Don’t underrate the large open world and the non-linear story. So, this is the game that isn’t over even after it’s over. Even the lack of multiplayer is no problem.

The Bottom Line

It’s a romantic story that would look great in the XIX century as it does now. Turning the traditional Cowboys-vs-Indians setting inside out seems now obvious, but why has anyone done this before at this level? It’s a game that should have appeared long ago, but it’s better to download This Land Is My Land in 2020 than to wait more.

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 5


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This Land Is My Land FAQ

Q1. Where can I find the Windows version of This Land Is My Land?
A1. You can download it on the Steam Store. The link on the page of the game is placed in the “Get Game” section, apart from the link on the official website. This Land Is My Land is available for Windows 7 and 10.
Q2. Where can I start This Land Is My Land download process?
A2. You can start here, on this page. Scroll up and see the “Get Game” icon. Click it and follow the link on Steam Store. Sign in to your account or create one. Pay for the game, and start downloading.
Q3. Does Steam offer a free download game?
A3. No, This Land Is My Land is not free of charge. You have to pay before you can download the game. You may save money by paying for a package of 2 games instead of one. Check out the deal on Steam.
Q4. Is this an online game?
A4. Yes, This Land Is My Land is an open-world, online action game. You have to stay connected to the Internet. In addition, you have to use the Internet connection while downloading the game on your PC.
Q5. Where can I find a demo of This Land Is My Land?
A5. There is no demo version. If you want to check out content before you will buy it, read reviews, watch trailers. There are video reviews of gameplay available on YouTube.
Q6. Is This Land Is My Land a full game?
A6. No, the game is still in early release. Developers say it may take up to 1 year to let out the full version. The early access was opened in November 2019.
Q7. What have developers added to the latest version?
A7. Lately, developers released an announcement about their upcoming plans. They revealed that there would be implemented a fishing mechanics in the game. Developers also improved chat and fixed sounds.
Q8. What features will be unblocked in the full version of This Land Is My Land?
A8. According to developers, the full game will include various vehicles, multiple settlements, and side quests. Developers promise to cut the number of bugs.
Q9. Where can I find This Land Is My Land torrent?
A9. We do not share links on unreliable sources here. We recommend you to download This Land Is My Land from official stores only.
Q10. Will the full game be free to play?
A10. Developers have not decided on the price of the final version of the game yet. However, they will not lower down the prize. They are considering to increase the numbers.
Q11. How much does This Land Is My Land cost?
A11. The price of This Land Is My Land in early access is $39.99.

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