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Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game

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Untitled Goose Game: Wreak Havoc on Unsuspecting Villagers

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Untitled Goose Game is one of the most successful indie games released in 2019. It quickly became a hit on the Nintendo Switch, and fortunately, you are soon going to be able to purchase the game on Steam and play it on your PC.

Graphics 5/5

The visuals in Untitled Goose Game look very simplistic at first glance, but don’t let that fool you. Once you take a closer look, you’ll notice just how much attention was paid to the smallest details, such as the shadows or character animations. These details add to the overall ambience in the game and make the cartoonish visuals work extremely well for Untitled Goose Game.

Gameplay 5/5

Untitled Goose Game is not the first title to put players in an animal’s metaphorical shoes, but it has definitely enjoyed the most success. The recipe for this success turned out to be pretty simple, but it’s only thanks to the creative minds behind Untitled Goose Game that the game shaped up to be so fun and yet challenging at the same time.

In Untitled Goose Game, you play as a goose that’s apparently angry at all of mankind. Since most annoying humans are out of your reach, you have to focus your efforts on the residents of your village. From the small kid whose eyeglasses just beg to be stolen to the local repairman who’s now missing his radio, there’s a whole world out there whose lives you can disrupt and quietly terrorize. Being a horrible goose is oddly relaxing, but we promise you’ll also feel guilty for making the villagers so miserable from time to time.

Controls 5/5

The controls in Untitled Goose Game are very precise, so your mischievous deeds are never going to suffer from poor aiming or similar issues. They’re also fairly intuitive, so even the least experienced players can control the goose effortlessly. We’re sure that the controls in the ported PC version are going to be just as good, so you can enjoy the goose’s adventures even without a console.

Replay Value 3/5

As fun as Untitled Goose Game is, once you’re done with all the puzzles, there’s nothing left to do in the game. Admittedly, it’ll take you a while to figure out how to annoy every single one of the villagers, and you can mess with most of them in different ways. However, once you’re through with that, there are no additional challenges to complete or scores to beat, and that’s okay - after all, that’s part of what makes Untitled Goose Game so fun and appealing.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re a casual gamer or play competitively, we are sure that Untitled Goose Game can offer you an experience you’ll enjoy. Head over to Steam to purchase Untitled Goose Game and start disrupting the villagers’ lives as soon as the game comes out!

  • Graphics 4
  • Gameplay 4
  • Controls 4
  • Replay Value 3


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Untitled Goose Game FAQ

Q1. Can I download Untitled Goose Game on my Windows platform?
A1. Yes, you can install Untitled Goose Game on Windows, Linux, and macOS platforms from Steam, Humble, or the official website. All links on these stores are located behind the “Get Game” button on this page. Pick one that you like, and you will be redirected on the game’s page.
Q2. What other platforms can I use for Untitled Goose Game download?
A2. You can install this game on Windows, Linux, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Links on these platforms can be found on the Untitled Goose Game website.
Q3. Can I use this site for Untitled Goose Game free download?
A3. No, we don’t offer for free and do not sell any games here. This site is a place for games’ reviews, tips, and gameplay descriptions. We gather the most reliable official links on the store so players can download Untitled Goose Game from there.
Q4. Is Untitled Goose Game an online game?
A4. No, you don’t need an Internet connection to play Untitled Goose Game. However, you need a strong Internet to download the game on your device.
Q5. Is there a demo of Untitled Goose Game?
A5. There is no demo. If you want to check out the gameplay, you may watch videos on YouTube. We also recommend you to read out the review on this page. And don’t forget to check out official trailers and teasers.
Q6. Is Untitled Goose Game a full game?
A6. Yes. It was released in September 2019. The game was created by House House. Untitled Goose Game is rewarded with Bafta Games Awards. Developers continue to update the game.
Q7. What does the latest version of Untitled Goose Game contain?
A7. In February 2020, game developers have released a desktop goose who walks on your laptop and messes with your documents. You can enjoy it after downloading the app.
Q8. Is Untitled Goose Game unblocked for everyone?
A8. There are mild restrictions in the game. Since Untitled Goose Game contains numerous mischief and may encourage kids to repeat all the pranks that goose does, developers offer parents to not let small children play without parental control. However, there is no need to verify your age.
Q9. Where can I find a torrent for Untitled Goose Game?
A9. We strongly advise you not to look for torrents. We gather only the most reliable links on the websites that promise you official game.
Q10. Is Untitled Goose Game free to play?
A10. No. You have to pay before you can download the game on your device.
Q11. How much does Untitled Goose Game cost?
A11. You can buy Untitled Goose Game for $15.

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