• Release date: 3/27/2017
  • Developer: BottleCube inc.
  • Genre: Action
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VALIANT KNIGHTS Typing Battle Review

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Official Game Description


When the world was created, light and darkness were separated.
Light and darkness created the fire, water and tree spirits.
Five spirits brought up the world and then human beings were born.
The human beings was frail and darkness became more robust.
Strong darkness gave birth to fear and turned into evil.
The evil brought forth more darkness and the world threw into darkness.
It was called the Dark Ages.
One day the descendants of the spirits with a ray of hope appeared.
They beat down the evil and saved the world.
But the evil prophesied that darkness would never disappear as long as there was light in the world.
Hundred years have passed since then.
The Dark Ages became a story of tradition.
This peaceful world was believed to last forever.
Then, fate starts to move at last.
Typing Battle will begin now !


"VALIANT KNIGHTS Typing Battle" is a typing game the theme of JRPG called "VALIANT KNIGHTS". It features typing with style of RPG Battle.
Attack the monsters that appear one after another with your typing skill !
Beat down the many monsters and clear the all game stages !!


  • Theme of fantasy JRPG.
  • Beat down the monsters by typing characters.
  • Six people in your party. Fire, Water, Tree, Light, Darkness and You.
  • Attack with favorable characters against the attributes of enemy monsters. If the character with an advantageous attribute than the monster attacks, its attack power will be greater and the special move point will rise.
  • When the special move point is fill up, you can use the special move.
  • When you beat down 3 monsters, a very strong boss monster will appear. Do your best!

Everyone enjoy playing this game
You just can't miss this game!
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