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ZombieFight VR Review

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Official Game Description

All Weapon sand items unlock conditions on Early Access Update 4:
Level 1 Survival :
AK47: The first time to complete the level
Bow: Kill 20 zombies
Holographic Weapon Sight: Eliminate the second wave of zombies
Grenade: Eliminate the fourth wave of zombies and a Boss zombie

Level 2 City Garden :
Knife: Kill 20 zombies
Sight: Headshot 20 zombies
Colt Python: Eliminate the second wave of zombies

Level 3 Survival at Night:
Flashlight: the first time to complete the level
Kukri: Headshot 20 zombies
SPAS-12: Eliminate the second wave of zombies

Level 4 CDC:
Second Beretta 92: Headshot 20 zombies
Laser flashlight sight: Eliminate the fourth wave of zombies and a Boss zombie

This is a real experience, the screen realistic, operating fever-level exciting, slightly terrorist elements VR shooting game.

Cataclysm virus spread rapidly throughout the city, the human survivors in order to protect the remaining resources. The survivors were tenacious to resist the constantly attack from zombies outside the security house.

Zombie will show up in different directions in the same time, after a while the emergence of boss-level zombie will appear, you can choose all kinds of weapons on the console, kill the all zombies before the they destroyed all destruction.

Zombie will make you very exciting when they are face you , but you are a human survivor, to eliminate zombie to save human being. You can pick up the weapons in front of you, of course, you can change the weapons in any time, and some of the weapons attack power is very strong, that means you must have a strong ability to control it, such as bow. All weapons are used to simulate the manipulation of real weapons, such as bullets loaded, replace the magazine, archery and so on. Take shelter protect you when you shooting.

Weapon Library

We will continue to update, game scenes and storylines which are stick to the position, carrying a car to escape, attack ambush, looking for survivors and other games are played, and will join the time war, endless warfare, weapons practice and so on. There will be a variety of the most popular guns, grenade bombs, chemical and biological weapons. To give you the closest experience of the real experience.

Very interesting singleplayer mode.
Everyone enjoy playing this game
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