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CitiesCorp Concept - Build Everything on Your Own Review

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Official Game Description
Welcome to CitiesCorp Concept!

Inspired by all the cool city building simulations, CitiesCorp Concept is an indie-game for all the passionate majors that love to see new ideas and visions turn into reality.

CitiesCorp Concept proudly represents the meaning of what can be different in a city building simulation scale and shape your buildings, decide the textures, set own production lines or even decide which traffic signs have to be deployed in other words, do what you probably have missed in other city building games for many years.

CitiesCorp Concept is just the beginning Your interest & support will help to push innovation in the city simulation genre to its edges, because I love to build cities as well.

Before starting to play/buying it, don't forget to check the tutorials on Youtube/SaintWorks-Channel - the game has no ingame hints or tutorials!!!

Why "Concept" Game?

The main idea behind this "Concept" is to have a flexible platform in place that will support further development which will depend on the interest of players, inspiration and of course my ability to afford it (but hey, even in worst case, hobby mode is still available :-).

Even the game contains plenty of innovative ideas, I believe that there are a lot of interesting features that could be implemented within a feasible time and could be made available to everybody. However, the project's target is not to replicate functions from other games, but coming up with own ideas. That's also why some well known functions have not been implemented - I simply did not have a better idea how to make it differently :-).

It's not Early Access, because, with some minor exceptions related to fine tuning and bugs, the game is already fully playable as it is.

Please check also the game requirements - optimization of the game was not the top priority (with that, I would have to sacrifice some features).


CitiesCorp means that a corporation is taking over the responsibility so in fact, there are no majors, just CEOs. Your corporation takes care about housing, jobs, products and its own profits. In return, there are no taxes neither to the corporation nor to the population.

What Is In? What Can Be Played Today?

- Map That Is Equivalent to 10km X 10km,
- Scale Buildings,
- Shape Buildings,
- Numerous In-game Building Textures,
- Creating building complexes through a simple and effective overlapping system,
- Multiple building functionalities (e.g. appartments, offices, shops, factories in one building),
- Challenging economy with hundreds of products to be produced and sold,
- Flexible street building system,
- Street signs and lightning for coping with traffic jams.

What Is Not In (yet)?

- Mainly things that can be already played in other similar games - in case there will be a great idea to do it "differently", it will be implemented

- Public buildings, e.g. police, schools, hospitals etc.
- Landscapes - at the moment it is just a flat land,
- Public transport, e.g. trains, busses etc.,
- Curvy roads,
- Tax system and do not even ask for it.

Everyone recommends to play it!
You just can't miss this game!
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