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Her她 Review

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Official Game Description
Ps.It's seem that you can search the game with two key word,like "Her " "Her kitten" "Her Katie"etc.

This game is a game that is not so sunny and normal. It may be sad and black. This game is a bit of a strange world view, if you're interested in the world view, you can look at the character's personality guide. The characters are not pure characters, including the image of the player.

There is no picture about Nude because I don't want to spoiler the plots.

The game "Her"(app id 889680) before is also mine,I resubmit this as a new one.

This is a antique style game with TCG & LVG ,you need to carry out the character training of Katie in 90 days and finish all the plots. There are 21 endings.

Basic Operation

EgressionAccording to the dialogues of passers-by, you can analyze the goals that various endings need to achieve; The NPC plot hides in the map.

ClothesClothes can be bought and worn (if intimacy achieve 40 can take off).The clothes are constantly updated,Clothing attributes affect the endings and competition, etc

ScheduleDaily schedules activities can change the corresponding attributes and affect the endings.

PlotsThe main plot is based on time; there are also 5 sub plots.

Activitiesmatches, tests, etc.

Game Feature

The daily dialogue reflects Katie's human favor and state.

Attributes reflect the various states of Katie (demon, saints, etc.).

Fatigue can lead to illness, and the efficiency of activities under fatigue is reduced by half.

Passers-by dialogue reflects various characters of characters in order to help you with plot choices, and at the same time reflect the attribute goals of ending.

Demon line, human favor can be negative,with demon ending.

Antique style, 90s feeling.

You can marry no matter boys or girls.

After that, money (>5000) and clothes already owned will continue to the new game.

70 steam achievements.

Games, plots, programming and art workers come by myself. Thank you!


Katie: the heroine has misunderstood human beings.

AlbertHe is the son of a general, with good nature.

NightHe is a mysterious blue hair handsome guy.

SelenaShe is a lively purple hair girl. Her life is a mystery.

CatherineShe is a strange girl who looks gentle.

Story background

Before1000, humanbeingsandmonstersfoughtforthewarintheterritory, althoughthetwogeneralsofthemonster"Star""Moon"werefarmorecapableoffightingthanhumans, butsomehowthewarendedwithhumanvictory.

Astimegoeson, thebarriersbetweenthemonstersandhumansgraduallymeltaway, thusmergingwitheachotherandstartingtoliveinharmony.
Unfortunately, 20yearsago, therewasasmallconflictbetweenaman'sarmyinaroutinepatrolofthemonsterforestwithcatmonsters, butthecausewasunclear, andtherelationshipbetweenthemanandthemonsterbecameterrible.

Asasoldier, Iam40yearsold, butIdidnotparticipateintheconflictbecauseofmyleginjury.
Today, whenIwasaloneasacaptain, Ilostmywayinthemonsterforest.

The characters in this game are all over 18 years old.They are adults(grown-up).Some of the characters look young, because they are monster,not human.The content of this game is purely fictitious and has no intention of showing or describing any real event, character or entity, if identical, it is purely coincidental.

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