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HuniePop Review: Puzzle, RPG, Graphic Novel In One Game

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Professional Review

HuniePop is a puzzle game with gameplay RPG elements that are presented in the style of Japanese Ecchi graphic novels. In this game by HuniePot studios, you have to solve puzzles to reveal the next stages of dialogues with Waifu’s. You can download HuniePop for Windows PC, Mac OS X, and Linux to experience one of the most romantic and erotic Japanese games.

Graphics 4.5/5

The HuniePop game is presented in the typical Ecchi drawing, so it looks like an ordinary anime. However, you have to know that Ecchi is a genre where all female characters are exposed in sexualized poses, clothes and generally have big breasts to attract male players. This genre is trendy in Japan.

Gameplay 4.5/5

HuniePop gameplay includes two main modes. The first one is a simple Bejeweled-like puzzle. You may have played such gamed on your smartphone. Two of the most popular ones are Candy Crush Saga and Jelly Splash. During every puzzle, you have to earn enough points to finish a date. You have a limited number of turns, so it’s crucial to match more tokens that a specific girl likes. Such tokens give you more point per move.

After every successful date, you get a picture of the girl you met. After 3 good dates in a row, you unlock access to the second stage of more difficult levels. You have to make 3 successful dates in a row with one girl to open the night date. After this romantic meeting, you are free to invite a girl to your in-game bedroom and play a bedroom game. Unlike the previous stages, this one doesn’t require you to earn a specific number of points. However, you have to solve puzzles and race against time to keep the scene going until the end.

There is a Love Goddess named Cu who always comes to give you useful advice and tell about the particular qualities and preferences of every girl. This character is also interactive. You can date her after finishing the first bedroom game. There are many other girls. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to tell about all of these beauties in a single HuniePop review.

Controls 5/5

This title has straightforward controls. You need only a mouse to perform all the commands. Every puzzle require you to click and hold the button and draw lines to solve 3-match objectives. If any problems occur, Cu is always there to help you.

Replay Value 4/5

Every girl in HuniePop full game requires an individual approach. You are not likely to make mistakes, but if you do you have to replay levels to unlock new pictures of girls. There is no other way to pass the game. It’s a good game for a single walkthrough.

The Bottom Line

HuniePop is an excellent puzzle game that received warm critic reviews and enthusiastic user reviews. It provides a hardcore puzzle experience along with exciting dialogues and qualitative Ecchi-style pictures of beautiful girls.


Download HuniePop to get one of the best Ecchi-style graphic novels and experience an excellent 3-match puzzle in a single game.

Pros : Great Ecchi novel with the exciting plot;
Immersive and challenging puzzle gameplay;
Good relaxing soundtrack.

Cons : It’s adultsonly;
Some dialogues are repetitive.

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 5

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.5

One of the best role-play games ever!
Everyone enjoy playing this game
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