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Mother Simulator

Mother Simulator

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Mother Simulator Game Review

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Mother Simulator is a fun game where players should look after the children and complete various missions. At the beginning of the game, you will be able to complete a short tutorial. You will be shown how to change diapers, make food, etc. Unfortunately, you cannot download Mother Simulator game for free. You should purchase the game before playing it. In addition, you can install Mother Simulator only for Windows platform. There is no multiplayer mode available in the game, so you will have to play alone.

Graphics 3/5

Mother Simulator uses 3D graphical effects. They are not bad. However, they are also not perfect. It is not the AAA project like The Witcher 3. Mother Simulator is a simple indie game, so the graphics are not realistic. Some textures might look blurry. In addition, sometimes you might experience some bugs. For example, a certain object can stuck in the texture. In that case, you should restart the level. Nevertheless, the graphics are colorful, and it will be comfortable to play the game.

Gameplay 4/5

There is no certain plot in the game. All you have to do is to look after the baby. After you start playing, you will have to complete a few tutorials. Each tutorial has a few pictures that are hanging on the walls. Interact with these pictures in order to read the objective.

After you finish the tutorial, you will see the wishes of the baby above its model. You will have to look after the baby by changing diapers, making the food, cleaning the baby, etc. However, it is not easy to do because you will have to constantly move across the house in search of the required item. However, it is not the end of game mechanics! Your character also wants to eat! So you will have to find food while playing. It should be mentioned that time is limited. So you will lose the level if you do not manage to make everything on time.

Controls 4/5

Mother Simulator controls are pretty simple. As it was mentioned, you will be able to finish a short tutorial at the beginning of the game. Nevertheless, you still might experience some problems while putting down a certain item. It might lag in the texture, but you can try to pick it up again.

Replay Value 3/5

You will enjoy replaying Mother Simulator in case you are a fan of funny indie games. However, the gameplay might get boring within a few hours. Nevertheless, there are many positive reviews for the game. You can also find there various useful tips that will help you in completing the missions.

The Bottom Line

We recommend you to download Mother Simulator because it is a funny simulator game that can entertain you for a few hours. However, you cannot play the game with friends. The controls are simple, but the graphics are not perfect. In addition, you might experience some bugs. Thank you for paying attention to this Mother Simulator game review.

  • Graphics 3
  • Gameplay 4
  • Controls 4
  • Replay Value 3


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Mother Simulator FAQ

Q1. Can I download Mother Simulator iOS on my mobile phone?
A1. Unfortunately, the game is available to download only on PC.

Q2. Where can I download Mother Simulator on PC?
A2. You can find the game on Steam or official site. There is a release only for the Windows platform.

Q3. Does Mother Simulator free download game?
A3. No, it has only paid version.

Q4. Can I play Mother Simulator game online?
A4. No, the game is like a simulator of a parent’s life. So you can play it offline.

Q5.I found a lot of similar games that are free of charge. Where can I find Mother Simulator demo version to see the difference between this paid version and free games?
A5. Mother Simulator does not have the demo. But it has decent graphics and convenient controls. You can read a lot of positive reviews about the game on Steam.

Q6. Does Steam sell Mother Simulator full game?
A7. Yes, you can download a full version of the game from Steam.

Q7. Can I find Mother Simulator unblocked version on the official resources?
A7. No, the developers don’t publish any unblocked versions on the official sites. If you found this, it means that there is a pirate version.

Q8. What about torrents? Can I download the game from torrent files?
A8. No. We do not recommend you to download Mother Simulator torrent. It can be dangerous.

Q9. Where can I find safe Mother Simulator free to play game’s version?
A9. The game has only paid version which you can download on Steam, for example.

Q10. What is the current Mother Simulator price?
A10. The current Steam price is $1.53. But there are a lot of sales, so you can purchase the game even cheaper.

Q11. Can I make Mother Simulator pre-order?
A11. No, the deveopers don’t publish any pre-orders for the upcoming releases for now.

Q12. What is the Mother Simulator gameplay?
A12. The game simulates a real parent’s life. If you want a child but afraid of it, Mother Simulator can help you to feel yourself like you have already had the child. You need to care about him.

Q13. Do any Mother Simulator cheats exist?
A13. No, there are no cheats.

Q14. What are the Mother Simulator mods?
A14. Mother Simulator is a single-player game.

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