Tick: The Time Based Puzzle Game

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Tick: The Time Based Puzzle Game Review

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Official Game Description
Tick: The Time Based Puzzle Game is a puzzle game unlike any you have seen or played before. Set on the backdrop of unique minimalist art style you will test your timing and your patience as you play through multiple different game modes.

Practice mode gives players the ability to let them choose the stages they want to practice on, you can either choose a stage directly from Stage Mode or build your own level using the level editor and play that.

Stage Mode is a casual game mode where you have the ability to play at your own pace working your way through 50 increasing difficult stages, the amount of retries and/or failed attempts you commit while working your way through the 50 stages are tracked and evaluated so they can be shown off to friends or posted on Steam.

Speed Mode is a more competitive game mode that samples some of the hardest stages in the game, and then times how long it takes for you to work your way through them, final times can be posted on the Steam community page to see who #1 is.

This is the first release by Fingertip Games UK which is a new indie start-up being run by one sole developer.

If it was not for the support of the Steam community through the Steam Greenlight pathway, this game and start-up would truly not exist today. The game managed to garner major feedback during its Greenlight campaign and these inputs and supportive comments have gone a long way in shaping the future updates for the game.

Id like to give a big thank-you to everyone who either supported us in the Greenlight campaign or have bought the game thus far (and people who will hopefully purchase the game in the future), every little bit of support we can get helps to keep me working on things that people hopefully enjoy.

2016 is going to be a busy year for the game, starting with the January 2016 update V1.1, the game has been streamlined and re-coded from the ground up so its ready to support the slew of content that is planned throughout the year.

V1.2 is planned for a late March/April 2016 release and will contain the following:
- Adds 2 new core game mechanics. (Details closer to release)
- Adds 20 new stages to Stage Mode.
- Adds another sample to Speed Mode.
- Improves and expands some capabilities of the Level Editor. (Details closer to release)

V1.3 is planned for a late August/September 2016 release and will contain the following:
- Adds 30 new stages to Stage Mode.
- Adds the random sample capability to Speed Run. (Details closer to release)
- Adds 3 new Mini-games. (Details closer to release)

V1.4 is planned for a late September/October 2016 release and will contain the following:
- Visual Upgrade to ball movements and effects.
- Implements physics based particle effects and responses.
- Implements the color palate options where you can color the UI and objects in the game to fit your own style.
- Implement the ability to share levels you create in the Level Editor through either a copy or paste code or the Steam Workshop.

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