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Universe Sandbox ²

Universe Sandbox ²

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Universe Sandbox: Where Science and Fun Collide

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Space has always been fascinating for people, so it has been featured in countless novels, movies, and of course, games. In Universe Sandbox, you don’t get to fight aliens and defend the human race, but there sure is a lot of space exploration for you to do in this game.

Graphics 5/5

Being a space simulator, Universe Sandbox has to have good graphics, and fortunately, the game is amazing in this respect. You can enjoy the beautiful backgrounds and add your own planets to them, creating new solar systems and bringing your own unique vision of outer space to life. What’s more, the visuals in Universe Sandbox are not only a pleasure to look at, but also incredibly realistic, featuring planets and other astronomical bodies that were modeled after real-life objects.

Gameplay 5/5

There is no story to go through in Universe Sandbox, and there are no bosses to beat. You don’t have to survive, become the best, or oversee the development of a civilization. Universe Sandbox gives you a blank canvas and you can paint it however you wish, but remember to obey the laws of gravity. Otherwise, your whole creation is going to be destroyed by the relentless force that’s holding it all together.

As you experiment with different objects, you’ll learn about the fundamental laws of gravity and get better at designing your creations so that they don’t get squished together or end up floating away from each other. You can even toss out different kinds of balls and dice into space to see how they’d interact with each other. The lack of story means that you’ll have to take matters into your own hands after the initial tutorial, but you can start out with some fan-submitted universes and slowly work your way up towards designing your own.

Controls 5/5

Since the game can also be played in VR, you get two types of controls. Of course, you do need a compatible headset and controllers to use the VR mode, but playing with just a mouse and a keyboard is fine, too. The controls in Universe Sandbox are precise and fluid, allowing you to manage, develop, and destroy your creations effortlessly.

Replay Value 5/5

There’s so much to do in Universe Sandbox, so it’ll take a while before you get bored with the game. With so many variable parameters, you can explore the power of gravity and other fundamental forces for hours. The only thing limiting you in this game is your own creativity, so let your imagination run wild and you’ll keep coming back to Universe Sandbox time and time again!

The Bottom Line

If you enjoy games that teach you something about the real world, Universe Sandbox is definitely going to be up your alley. The game is available for computers running on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux from Steam.

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 5


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Universe Sandbox ² FAQ

Q1. Can I download Universe Sandbox 2 on mobile platforms like Android or iOS?
A1. No, Universe Sandbox 2 is only available on Windows PC, Linux and macOS.
Q2. Where can I download Universe Sandbox 2 on my PC?
A2. The game is available on Steam and Humble Bundle.
Q3. What is the price for downloading Universe Sandbox 2?
A3. The early access version of the game will cost you $24.99.
Q4. Why is early access version of Universe Sandbox 2 not for the free download?
A4. The game is already quite stable, and you’re guaranteed to enjoy it in early access.
Q5. Can I play Universe Sandbox 2 online?
A5. No, Universe Sandbox 2 is a single player space simulator, no online mode is needed.
Q6. When will the full Universe Sandbox 2 game be released?
A6. The game is in active development, but the final release date has not been revealed yet.
Q7. Is there a demo for Universe Sandbox 2?
A7. No, there is no demo version for the game, but if the downloaded Steam copy doesn’t launch on your platform, they guarantee a refund.
Q8. How can I download the unblocked Universe Sandbox 2?
A8. The game is still in early access, so it’s highly recommended to refrain from downloading its unblocked version.
Q9. Is Universe Sandbox 2 available for download from torrents?
A9. Downloading from torrents is strictly prohibited, and when it’s an early access game, there’s a fair chance for it to be bugged.
Q10. Will Universe Sandbox 2 be available for free download someday?
A10. Universe Sandbox 2 is a space simulator that requires a lot of effort and research from the developers, so it’s unlikely it will ever become a free game.
Q11. Does Universe Sandbox 2 have a free to play mode?
A11. No, Universe Sandbox 2 is not a free to play game, you will have to pay for it even in its early access version.
Q12. What is the price for the full version of Universe Sandbox 2?
A12. The price of Universe Sandbox 2 early access is $24.99. The price for the final version is still unknown.
Q13. Can I buy Universe Sandbox 2 from other sources than Steam?
A13. You can also buy the game from Humble Bundle.
Q14. Is Universe Sandbox 2 for sale in offline stores?
A14. There hasn’t been a physical release of the game yet, so now you can only buy it online.
Q15. Does Universe Sandbox 2 cost less on Humble Bundle than on Steam?
A15. No, Humble Bundle costs $24.99 on both stores.
Q16. Can I pre-order Universe Sandbox 2 full version somewhere?
A16. The full version for the game is unavailable for pre-order but you can but the early access version and take part in its development.

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