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GamesMojo is not an official representative or the developer of this game. Copyrighted materials belong to their respective owners. Warning: Users can download the game from the links of Official Website and legal sources offered in the following articles.

Spore Review: from the infusoria-shoe to the interstellar empire

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Prepare yourself to a life-simulation and real-time strategy game with the exciting idea lying in the plot. The Spore game will introduce you to a life of the amoeba who passes all stages of evolutionary development and thus gets an ability to create its intelligent civilization. Together with this simplest creature, you are going to conquer space and visit the core of the galaxy to uncover the secret of the universe.

Ready for such an exciting journey? Then faster read our Spore review and prepare for the unique game experience.

Graphics — 4.5/5

The graphics in Spore does not look modern at all. You won’t find the depth of drawing or cool special effects.

Otherwise, you’ll find a mind-blowing animation of creatures, iron stability, and impressive speed. When you travel through the galaxy on a spacecraft, the transition from a star map to the atmosphere of the planet takes several moments of loading. This is the only time when you can notice any delay in the game: all other switching takes place instantly, on the fly. Another great advantage is the outstanding stability of the game. Whatever computer you offer, Spore runs on it.

Vivid colors deliver the exceptional graphics performance by simulating imaginary surroundings in the game. All the creatures in Spore are drawn in details and have the unique appearance. So you will see the perfection and creativity of the visuals for sure.

Moreover, the background soundtrack matches the graphics perfectly to ensure optimum user engagement throughout the game.

Gameplay — 5/5

The gameplay in Spore is very simple, fun, and exciting. The game describes every stage of evolutionary development of the amoeba - from cellular to animal, to tribal, to civilizational, and finally to cosmic. The whole process is turned into mini-games based on the general rules of survival in the animal kingdom.

The player begins as a microscopic organism which gradually develops into a social creature capable of building civilizations and habitats. At the very beginning,  you need to take control to develop the microorganism into a creature.

The cell is the easiest form to take care of. To survive, it only needs to absorb the genetic material and follow the actions of other creatures. Each portion of genes allows you to grow new limbs and protective equipment - poison, spikes, electric stings, etc.  

Basically, the first two stages arouse genuine interest due to the constant metamorphosis of the being. Filling a stomach and finding a partner, the cell produces the offspring, which appearance is completely determined by the player. Fantasy, in this case, is not limited to anything.

Further, when the organism evolved, you will curate villages, buildings, habitats, vehicles, and so on. Thus, you develop a whole civilization with your intellect and hard work.

Later, when the organism becomes intelligent enough, it can go on a space journey. During this expedition, you will interact with other planets and creations developed by other players.

If you are ready for such kind of adventure, faster download Spore. You can use the “Get game” button on our site to find where to download Spore.

As there is no online or unblocked free version, to play Spore you need to buy it. You can do it on Steam for $19,99. You can’t play the game without downloading, so faster get it on your computer!

Controls — 4.5/5

You are a single player game in Spore, so you take control of all the events in the game. The skillful managing of controls is your method to be more successful in the game. Thank goodness, the controls are smooth and straightforward to understand. You’ll find a variety of tools available for accomplishing various tasks in the game. Among them, there are tools for designing creatures, vehicles, buildings, towns, and spaceships.

Managing the controls is diverse and gradually changing from the most convenient to a "complicated" variant.

Replay Value — 4/5

Spore offers you endless missions to try and the variety of goals to achieve. There are plenty of possibilities regarding modifying the microorganisms, crafting, and survival. Each time your character evolves, new things to discover appear.

Discover new planets, habitats, and aliens when you are an evolved intelligent organism. Use the creator’s resources during the game.

The only drawback, it is a single player game. So you cannot interact with other players.


Spore is a very unusual game in all senses. It has no clear purpose, there is no single way to achieve it, thus there are a whole lot of possibilities for your crafting and survival.

Before you is a huge galaxy inhabited by an infinite number of living beings, you can fight or make friends, create or destroy, trade or travel. Spore is not a common strategy, not an RPG, and certainly not an "evolution simulator". You come to Spore not to pass difficulties but to have a good time.

Do what you want, but you can be sure of one thing: an intelligent life will always find something to surprise you.



Join the fascinating journey with the Spore through millions of years: from the infusoria-shoe to the interstellar empire.

Pros : Atmospheric graphics & good soundtrack
Plenty of gaming possibilities
Suitable for children

Cons : Some activities may seem repetitive
Singleplayer mode is available only

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.5

One of the most trending games right now!
Everyone recommends to play it!
One of the best action games ever!
One of the best role-play games ever!
One of the best games for PC
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