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Iron Armada Review

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Official Game Description

Iron Armada is a multiplayer, team-based, multi-crew, ship-to-ship action game. Harvest resources while defending your team's mothership. Construct frigates, fighters, and stations to fight against hostile forces. Play as a key part of your team, board enemy cruisers, kill their crew, and commandeer enemy craft. Wage all out war until your faction emerges victorious. With multiple ways to play, no two rounds are ever the same.

Mine asteroids

Construct new ships using the resources your team mines from asteroids, salvages from wrecks, or captures from planets. Your scrap can be used to construct fighters, frigates, destroyers, or even larger ships for your team.

Board enemy ships

Hunt down, assault, and board enemy vessels crewed by other players. Capture their ship and refit for your own armada, or salvage their wreckage to augment your own craft. Target ship sub-systems to paralyze critical ship components. Immobilize or cripple enemy cruisers prior to boarding, to maximize potential salvage.

Construct massive cruisers

Build giant vessels, fully crewed by your friends. Construct manned turrets, rail guns, crew medical bays, ore refineries, and all other critical ship systems. Build fighters to support your cruisers, or frigates to ferry your mining crews. Assemble your armada, rally your forces, and lead your team to victory.

About us

Iron Armada's influences include games such as Faster Than Light, Battlevoid, Starsector, and Space Engineers. Iron Armada is an unofficial spiritual successor to the Shiprekt modification for King Arthur's Gold, which we take great inspiration from. Developers of the Shiprekt modification are currently a part of the Iron Armada team.

We are always looking for more contributors and developers to the Iron Armada project, so if you are interested in joining our team... please contact us! We are always looking for talented programmers, artists, and designers to help expand the Iron Armada universe. Iron Armada is a community developed game, and is dependent on our talented community developers!

We hope you enjoy our game, and please feel free to ask any questions on our Steam community forums! The game is constantly under development, so new features, changes, and expansions are regularly released!

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