Rescue From Goblin Deep

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Rescue From Goblin Deep Review

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Official Game Description
A dungeon-bashing storytelling puzzle-solving fantasy extravaganza, starring Jack Bedlam, a rogue of some renown, and his adventuring team who have a habit of getting themselves into sticky situations.

Jack has been ill. So when Kenshil hears rumour of a goblin dungeon he suggests the others should wait for him to be well before hacking it.

They didn't listen.

A couple of days later, when Jack is feeling better, the party still have not returned. Jack knows them well enough to understand what this means. Theyre in trouble and they need somebody to come get them out.

Featuring the classic elements of dungeon exploration you know and love, coupled with an unusual first person twist, this game has an atmosphere all its own. Story and character driven, you'll be immersed into the relationships between the adventuring team - their friendships, hostilities and general bickering.

This new Indie game will charm you with it's retro style, capture you with it's addictive gameplay and then quietly draw you into it's world. Develop complex strategies or just smash your way through everything you meet and hope for the best - however you choose to play it's a challenge.

Starting with control of just one character, you will eventually lead an adventuring party to riches, magic and glory. Or at least to safety. Safety is nice.

Jack to the rescue!

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