American Truck Simulator

American Truck Simulator

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American Truck Simulator Review

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Professional Review

Professional Review

Ashley Fonte
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Who doesn’t want to try on a role of a truck driver and deliver various cargoes passing through sandy roads of Nevada, California and Arizona? Likely, everybody. American Truck Simulator puts you in the seat of a driver and gives you an opportunity to become an owner of the largest transportation company in the United States. You have a fantastic opportunity to download American Truck Simulator and feel it yourself.

American Truck Simulator is a spiritual sequel to the Euro Truck Simulator franchise which grants you with even bigger satisfying cargo-delivering experience as before due to its new additional twists and tricks. 

Graphics 5/5

Graphically American Truck Simulator is striking. The visuals are on top, and there are lots of such little effects like military jets flying over your head, noisy trains rushing by your side, strange statues along the roads and other interesting moments.

The interior of each truck looks incredibly realistic and highly detailed. Moreover, each model is officially licensed from iconic truck manufacturers. The settlements are also detailed and lively, and in general, the area looks beautiful. You will drive from coast to coast and visit such cities as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and plenty of small towns between. Landscapes won’t let you get bored: palm trees on the seashore, endless green forests, desert plains with the cracked asphalt roads, etc. You mostly see dusty and desert-like scenes, but wet and slippery from rain motorways will also appear along with your way.

Gameplay 5/5

Your primary task in American Truck Simulator is to take contract jobs where your vehicle and fuel expenses are provided by your employer and deliver cargoes as a freelance driver. As you level up, you can gradually save money for own trucks, purchase them and manage all deliveries by yourself from the point A to the point B. As the game goes, you will be able to upgrade your trucks, create bigger contracts with more valuable cargoes, hire drivers, declare your business and make it grow.

American Truck Simulator can be an entertaining business management sim, but it’s optional. Somebody might find satisfaction in owning trucks and being a boss, but other can prefer to be a freelancer, work for a contract and not worry about buying fuel or crashing a vehicle because the bills won’t be yours.

Passing through the game, you as a driver will gain the experience and improve your level after each completed delivery. For instance, if you deliver something explosive or chemical, you get such valuable rewards as points. These points you can use for a fuel economy, long-distance deliveries or opening new types of cargo.

You should obey the rules while driving. Otherwise, you’ll get a fine for running a red light or speeding. In American Truck Simulator cops are constantly on patrol and they won’t even make you pull over, just remove $1,000 from your bank account immediately. You’ll also need to stop for gas, make some repairs or get weighed at weigh stations along the way.  But don’t forget that each item has a recipient that expects to get it on a particular time. So don’t stop too many times or you’ll be late on the schedule.

Controls 4/5

American Truck Simulator has a few different control methods varying from the keyboard controllers to the steering wheel ones. But for PC the controls are the easiest. You control the camera with the mouse and the truck with the keyboard.

Even though there are many options for controls available, the vehicle managing is not that simple. Turning left onto a busy road as well as parking are tough tasks and you need to have some skills to make those seemingly easy moves. You shouldn’t forget about turning the wipers on at the right time or switch the headlights. Otherwise, you might get into a car accident that will likely have some negative consequences.

Replay Value 3.5/5

American Truck Simulator has only two base truck models. Even though you can customize and upgrade them significantly, the game should have more trucks available so that you’d be entertained for a longer period of time.

Also, it‘s a little bit disappointing to see only three states represented in the game because as the developers claimed American Truck Simulator gives you an opportunity to travel all over the United States. But despite the lack of truck models and states available, hours of driving cargo across lonely stretches of highway will make you interested for a long, long time.

In-app purchases

American Truck Simulator costs $19.99 and has lots of in-app purchases to offer from additional tuning packs to some seasonal upgrades.


American Truck Simulator is a nicely polished and excitingly deep vehicle simulator with well-worked technical details. The game’s atmosphere is incredibly detailed and will quickly make you feel like a real driver even if you’re playing on PC.

In overall, driving from place to place while listening to the radio, learning the traffic laws, getting into different weather conditions, avoiding various car accidents can be incredibly entertaining as well as relaxing.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 3.5


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American Truck Simulator FAQ

Q1. Is American Truck Simulator free to play?
No. American Truck Simulator costs $19.99 and had a lot of paid DLC content.
Q2 Can I download American Truck Simulator for free?
A2. No. American Truck Simulator game is paid and doesn't have a free demo version.
Q3. Where I can get American Truck Simulator mods?
A3. Game developers don't make official game mods. You can download American Truck Simulator mods from nonofficial sources. All user-generated mods are properties of their respective creators. Game developers not responsible for these user generated contents or any damage they may cause to your game.
Q4. Does American Truck Simulator release for Xbox One?
A4. American Truck Simulator doesn't have an Xbox version. It has only PC version for Windows and Mac.
Q5. Can I download American Truck Simulator from Torrent Sites?
A5. We don't recommend to download any games from torrent sites, because this files can contain viruses.
Q6. Where can I download American Truck Simulator full version?
A6. You can download American Truck Simulator full version at Steam. You must own a Steam account to be able to use the activation key and play the game. If you don't have a Steam account yet, you can get it for free. Or you can buy a disk with the game at the game stores (Amazon, and others).

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