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ShellShock Live

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ShellShock Live

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ShellShock Live is a multiplayer 2D tank game where two teams try to destroy each other through some obstacle. Designed in a neon style and easy to play, it has thousands of fans and always enough players online to compete. Download ShellShock Live and have fun with this modern retro tank strategy!

Graphics 4/5

The game is deliberately styled as if it was made in the 1990s. 2D graphics, black background, bright colors, pixelized pictures and stuff – it all forms retro feeling. This simplicity also makes system requirements more than modest: 500 MB storage, 1 GB RAM, and 1.5 GHz CPU. And yes, it runs under Windows XP. Now you have something to play on your old laptop.

Gameplay 5/5

Being a turn-based combat game, ShellShock Live is also inspired by the era of DOS games, though taking multiplayer to a new level. You control your tank that shoots others, and then others make their shots in turn. The number of shots is limited by game settings. So calculate power and angles and select the weapon type to hit the enemy right!

As you create or join a game, you can select up to 7 more players, teaming up or playing solo. This multiplayer experience grants you share your retro affection with the right sort of people. The game supports friendlists, so you can have a friend party or play with strangers. And if you’re offline at the moment, you can play against bots.

The game features hundreds of upgrades to explore: better tank bodies, weapons, armor, engines, and so on. Despite seeming simplicity, ShellShock Live has a bit of rocket science – literally! And the team is constantly adding new features.

Controls 5/5

As a PC game, it’s made for keyboard and mouse. Keys are used to move your tank, and mouse is here for aiming. As a console game, it’s available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. But if you want the sort of early console experience to play this game on PC with a gamepad – you’re welcome. The game is compatible with any controller supported by Windows.

Replay Value 5/5

Like most multiplayer hits, this one is of great replay value. You can always find someone to compete online. Its learning curve is just steep enough for you to invest into exploring new upgrades as you unlock them. Players report they are in for years and not planning to quit. There is some magic in this sort of game that keeps you playing.

The Bottom Line

ShellShock Live is an eye-candy for retro game lovers and a brain-candy for the calculating type. It’s also a game to play on obsolete PCs, with skill over hardware.

  • Graphics 4
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 5


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ShellShock Live FAQ

Q1. Where can I get ShellShock Live for Windows?
A1. You can download ShellShock Live game on Windows from Steam Store. You may also visit the official website of the game. You will find both links in the “Get Game” section on this page. Press it, and you will be able to choose the store.
Q2. What other platforms can I use for ShellShock Live download?
A2. You can get ShellShock Live for Windows, macOS, Linux on Steam Store. You will find links on Xbox One and PS4 on the official game website. Both of the links can be found in the “Get Game” section above the review.
Q3. Does Games Mojo offer ShellShock Live free download?
A3. No, we don’t offer free downloads for any games here. If you want to download the game, you can use links we gathered for you. They will send you directly on the game’s page.
Q4. Is ShellShock Live an online game?
A4. Yes. If you want to join your friends or find new players to compete against, you have to stay connected to the Internet even after you have downloaded the game on your PC.
Q5. Is there a demo version of ShellShock Live?
A5. No, there is no demo. You may check out the review we’ve made on this game before you download it. Watch official trailers and gameplay reviews on Steam.
Q6. Is ShellShock Live a full game?
A6. No, it is still in early release. It was published in 2015, and from that time continues to get extensions and improvements. The game was created by kChamp Games.
Q7. How will the latest version be different from early access?
A7. Developers promise that the full version will contain all the fixes and new features. There will be over 100 maps, 200 weapons, and more missions.
Q8. Is ShellShock Live unblocked for every age?
A8. There are no limits for players. Everyone can join the game. Developers recommend minimal parental control for young children who play this game.
Q9. When can I download ShellShock Live torrents from?
A9. We don’t know. If you want to search for torrents, you are on your own. We don’t recommend you to search for unreliable sources as they may contain malware. We gathered only the most trustable links for ShellShock Live game.
Q10. Will ShellShock Live be free after full release?
A10. It is highly unlikely. Game developers promise that the price will stay the same even when the game will be fully released.
Q11. How much does ShellShock Live cost?
A11. The game costs $6.99 on Steam.

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