Fear the Dead

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Fear the Dead Review

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Official Game Description
In Fear the Dead you play as young teacher named Eizabeth who is trying to do the best out of her worst situation. You are on the mission on finding your mom when all hell brake loose and try to survive by any means necessary.


-Hunger and Thrist System
-Retro Graphics
-Survival System


The game features a real fighting reflex meaning that if you have something that can kill and the danger approaches you, Elizabeth will use it to survive even if you don't want her to.
The story is scattered through dialogue lines, newspapers and journals, so keep your eyes wide opened.
Due to the lack of light and constant ambiental sound, you should proceed through the levels with caution, because you never know what is behind the corner.
Your hunger and thirst are always dropping, so you should keep them at high levels whenever it's possible. You will be notified everytime your hunger and thirst reach low levels so you can eat or drink accordingly. By letting these two parameters reach zero, Elizabeth will begin to lose health at accelerated levels.
The game will put you to test with some moral choices, so thing a bit before you do something because in the end you will support the consequences of your actions.
For extra supplies you should to side quests whenever possible.

Very interesting singleplayer mode.
You just can't miss this game!
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