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Space Battle Core Review

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Official Game Description

Space Battle Core - Fight for a new world

The enemy came with lightning and fire and hate; only a few of us could flee, leaving our beloved home behind. Yet even among foreign stars there is hope, there is possibility. But we are not alone. Even fellow humans can become our enemies, and the destroyers of earth never stopped chasing us.

Our only hope now is technology. Only human ingenuity and engineering can give us the edge in these battles to come.

About Space Battle Core
Space Battle Core is a new 4X sci-fi game combining turn based hex combat gameplay with a real-time exploration experience.

After the Earths demise, it is your task to recreate and spread human civilization in space. On your mothership, the ark, you construct spaceships from different modules across various factions, each with their own specific traits and abilities. Both the players and the enemies spaceships can have an almost infinite variety.

The solar systems you encounter are all procedurally generated, no two are the same. Break through their cosmic mist and discover unknown planets, space pirates and alien ships lurking in deep space. Avoid devastating asteroid fields and be careful: overwhelming battle fleets of hostile races may force you to quickly retreat to your ark. You can always navigate to areas with weaker enemies to recover and enjoy the butchering.

Jump from one wormhole to the next in the non-linear universe on your search for new resources and tech. You decide if you want to challenge stronger enemies or farm in easier systems. Expand and enhance your ark, research new technology and eventually find a new home for your people. Be ready to leave the past behind: once you leave a system you can never return. So make sure you have uncovered all riches before you jump out.

Gather resources by mining on the discovered planets on your path. As your ark grows, you will even be able to colonize planets, securing the survival of mankind and providing a continuous stream of valuable resources to your mothership.

Head into battle against four different races (and more coming!) with your modular battleships. Once you encounter an enemy the game enters a turn based hex mode in which you can target and each single shot. It is up to you to disable your enemies weapon modules, destroy their engines leaving them drifting helplessly in space, or go straight for the destruction of their hull. Or you can play it smart and lure them into combat amongst each other, watching them destroy themselves and swoop in to pick up the pieces after the battle.

(coming soon)
Feeling too lonely in space? Compete in the optional PvP mode against other players in special battle arenas. Increase your rank and earn valuable resources. If your ship is strongly damaged or even destroyed, it will re-spawn with 80% health at the ark.

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