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MageQuit Review

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MageQuit is a wizard-brawling arena game where up to 10 players use spells and physics to do battle. As a wizard, you are granted a staff with a glowing D20, empowering you with unique elemental spells to battle your opponents. With every kill, your neckbeard and fame grow. Will you end up as Merlin, or be forever cursed with peach fuzz?

MageQuit is a series of skill-based attempts to outsmart your opponent. The spells are dodgeable, so predicting your opponent's aim and movement is crucial, making button-mashing ineffective. One of the best feelings in the game is watching your friend (enemy) walk directly into your well-placed Rockshot and explode into pieces because you guessed right and he or she guessed wrong. And even though your spell aimer is visible to other players, you can secretly apply a curve with your triggers to add an extra element of surprise.

Choose a new spell from 28 available before each round, until you have a full arsenal to destroy your opponents. Harvest the D20s of those you defeat in battle to grow your neckbeard. The wizard with the longest beard after 9 rounds wins!

MageQuit can be played as 2 teams, 3 teams, or free-for-all. Team games present unique challenges, such as pushing an arcane barrier to send the other team off a cliff or scoring a game-winning goal with a giant, flaming puck.

7 Stages

The Coffin - a coffin-shaped island with 2 open sides for falling to your death
The Volcano - a small island surrounded by rising lava with an active volcano in the middle
The Ruins - a basic large island surrounded by rising lava
The Sports - score a goal with the fiery puck and the other team will explode
The Islands - each player or team gets their own island that will randomly sink
The Tower - a ring of land surrounds a tower that can be climbed to on vanishing bridges
The Classic - a basic round island surrounded by rising lava

Game Options

Spell Selection Mode - Draft (choose after each round) or Random
Health - High, Medium, or Low
Number of Rounds - 9-20
Stage Selection - Random or a specific stage

Full Release (Q3/Q4 2018)

Full release will have:
  • Original Soundtrack (complete)
  • Online multiplayer (in open beta)
  • 10 elements: 4 primary at release, 6 hybrid to be patched in 1 at a time
  • 70 spells: 28 at release, 42 more to be patched in 7 at a time
  • 10+ stages
  • Steam achievements
  • Power-ups
  • More game options
  • OSX and Linux support

MageQuit's gameplay was inspired by a Warcraft 3 mod named Warlock. I always loved playing it with my brothers but felt it could benefit from being a single-screen game with controllers and even more spells. The elemental theme and coffin stage were inspired by the Pro Bending Tournaments from Legend of Korra. The Sports stage was inspired by Rocket League.


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  • Very interesting singleplayer mode.

    Very interesting singleplayer mode.

  • You just can't miss this game! You just can't miss this game!

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MageQuit FAQ

Q1. Does Magequit release for PS4?
A1. Currently there’s no console versions of Magequit. It has only Windows PC version.
Q2. Can I download Magequit for free?
A2. Magequit doesn’t have a free demo version. You must pay $9.99 in order to get Early Access version from Steam.
Q3. Where else I can download Magequit?
A3. The only distributor of the game is Steam web store. However, after the full version is launched, it will probably also be sold at game disk stores.
Q4. Can I play Magequit online?
A4. The Steam Early Access version functions as a local party game: you have to gather with your friends in order to play it. The full version of the game will include online multiplayer.

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