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Ultimate Chicken Horse

Ultimate Chicken Horse

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Ultimate Chicken Horse Review: Exciting Adventure With Horse or Raccoon (and Some Others)

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Ultimate Chicken Horse is a colorful platformer, designed for participation from 2 to 4 players. The game is suitable for almost any age, and even the littlest kids can play it. Ultimate Chicken Horse does not require a lengthy study, and from the first minutes it revives the bored players and fill them with ardor.

There will be four funny characters to select in Ultimate Chicken Horse and the unlimited possibilities for creating as well. So much fun and joy to experience! Want to know even more about this unique game? Then read our Ultimate Chicken Horse review to keep abreast of the game details.

Graphics – 5/5

Ultimate Chicken Horse is the multiplayer platformer which is meant to bring fun to you and your friends. That is why the graphics are designed to underline the light-hearted spirit of the game.

Cartoonish and vivid visual performance captures you from the first minutes of the play (or even from the first glance at the game saver). There are a lot of available locations to play such as a farm, a factory, a waterfall, a mansion, a pyramid, a party house, and so on. So the graphical performance of each arena differs in terms of its environment. All the details are well-drawn and perfectly elaborated.

Worth mention that every character of the game has the unique appearance. Horse, Sheep, Racoon, Chicken, and later – Chameleon and a few others are excellent regarding visual performance.

With the bunch of graphical advantages and an opportunity to design an environment, Ultimate Chicken Horse has proven to be graphically successful.

Gameplay – 5/5

Ultimate Chicken Horse is an ultimately simple game. Still, it offers players plenty of creative opportunities and freedom in actions.

You start the game by choosing a character. Each has the unique appearance, but their abilities are equal. Ultimate Chicken Horse is a platformer, so you need to construct its levels from scratch. You have no limitations in this mission: do it whenever you like with all the tools you have at your disposal.  

You need to build a level with the obstacles to prevent your competitors from getting to the finish first. Use all the objects such as wooden beams, metal bars, moving saws, steel balls with spikes to build the effective traps. Try to remember where you set a trap because you can as well get into it.

So when the game starts, faster select and install the offered items or create new objects to set them anywhere. There are also some unique opportunities to use like teleport or a one-time bomb which will significantly help you during the game.

In the beginning, you should also select a gaming mode. It can be the Creative one which is similar to the Party mode. Both are meant to give you more freedom at creating and having fun. In the Challenge mode, you’ll play on one of the community-made maps imported from PC or designed on PS4.

When you set the traps, obstacles, and the items which are meant to help you with the walkthrough, determined with the mode and selected your path, proceed to the action game itself. Run, jump, avoid life-threatening traps, and faster go to the finish. Be careful, because if you die during this crazy race, you will need to wait for the rest of the players to start the game once more from the beginning.

As we already mentioned, the events can unfold at any location selected. It can be a field, a factory, a mansion, and a few other places. So you can experiment with locations as well as with characters, obstacles, and tactics.

Download Ultimate Chicken Horse on Steam (or buy on the Microsoft store to play it on your Xbox One) as there’s no demo or free version of the game. If you want to play the game right now, click on “Get game” button on our site and quickly proceed to download Ultimate Chicken Horse.  

Controls – 5/5

At the beginning of each round of Ultimate Chicken Horse, we choose the items to set as traps with the mouse. We drag and drop the objects on a selected location with a mouse as well.

Further, in the game, we encounter with the controls that are standard for any other platformer. Running, jumping, and other activities are controlled with the WASD keys.

Replay Value – 4.5/5

The game is bright, challenging, and light-hearted. It can capture you entirely from the first minutes of play. With the opportunity to build levels from scratch and the full option for different selections, Ultimate Chicken Horse is likely to replay from time to time.

It is also fun due to the comicality of its characters and the competitive spirit that you can share with friends.

Probably the only problem is the lack of content. There are not so many characters as you could wish and they do not differ indeed. The monotonous preparations for each round can get you bored.  


Ultimate Chicken Horse is an awesome competitive platformer offering you to create levels by yourself. Each of the four players can establish a variety of traps and elements in such a way to interfere with the opponent.

There are basic game principles both the child and the adult will understand, while positive emotions are guaranteed to a player of any age.

Ultimate Chicken Horse is the best option for playing in a company of two to four people. And it’s an excellent opportunity to get a lot of fun from competitive playing.


  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 4.5


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Ultimate Chicken Horse FAQ

Q1. Can I download Ultimate Chicken Horse for free?
A1. No. Ultimate Chicken Horse is a paid game, so you can’t download it for free.
Q2. Does Ultimate Chicken Horse have a demo?
A2. Yes. You can find a link to download a free demo on Steam.
Q3. Can I play Ultimate Chicken Horse on Xbox One?
A3. Yes. The game is available on Xbox One.
Q4. Can I play Ultimate Chicken Horse on PS4?
A4. Yes. The game is available on PS4.
Q5. How to get Ultimate Chicken Horse on Steam?
A5. You need to have a Steam account to download the game. Once you sign in, you have to add the game in the cart. After buying it, you can download Ultimate Chicken Horse and enjoy the game.
Q6. Can I play Ultimate Chicken Horse online for free?
A6. Ultimate Chicken Horse supports online and local play for up to 4 players. However, you need to pay to play the full version of the game.

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