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Astroneer Review: Awesome Game for Fans of Space Adventures

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Astroneer is an adventurous simulator game, in which you get to explore outer space trying to survive in harsh environments by means of gathering vital resources. You can download Astroneer if you have a 64-bit processor and Windows 7 or higher.

Graphics 5/5

We definitely liked the picture, and even though the graphics are cartoonish, exploring colorful planets is sheer joy. It’s a visual treat for senses, which is enhanced by soothing music. Everything seems larger than it really is, but this gives Astroneer a truly distinctive aesthetic look.

Gameplay 5/5

The solar system of Astroneer includes seven colorful planets that are uniquely styled. The terrain looks strikingly bold and beautiful, but we can say that some places are inviting while some lands submerge you into a darker and more ominous atmosphere.

You are to play as a lonesome astronaut who has just several tools to use in order to survive. The planet is mostly devoid of life, and you aren’t given any objectives. You’re encouraged to explore the unknown land and take advantage of various useful resources, which lie on the surface and beneath it. The progress of the astronaut is defined by how far you manage to expand your new-built home on the alien planet.

You are limited by oxygen reserves in your backpack. You can extend your supply by such a clever move as leaving a blue trail, which shows you the way back home for the recharge.

As you start building more in your new home, your options will expand as you progress. If in the beginning you will gather resources on foot, but with time, you can craft a tractor. You’ll be able to carry a whole train of trailers, which will allow you to get more valuable resources during only one expedition.

We’d love to mention in our Astroneer review how cool the soundtrack is. It’s even possible to download it, but you’ll need to pay for it.

Controls 4/5

We didn’t find any difficulties with controlling the motions of the character, but it will take some time to understand what controls to use because of the great number of tools that can be applied. You might feel slightly aimless during the initial hours of playing, but this makes the game intriguing.

Replay Value 4/5

You will definitely want to get more of this game if you’re one of those who like soothing and light-hearted titles. The visuals are alluring, and the unexpectedness of the exploration adventure may make you play non-stop for hours.

The Bottom Line

Visuals are great and the whole idea is pretty much unique. Inventory management is clever, and despite some minor technical hiccups, you can truly immerse into the atmosphere of outer space exploration. We liked that there are 13 supported languages, which means that developers took it all seriously and tried their best to create the product, which is worth the attention of gamers from around the world.

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 4
  • Replay Value 4


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Q1. Where can I download Astroneer Windows version?
A1. There are links that lead to the official website Humble Bundle and Steam Store at the top of this page. Tap the icon “Get Game” and choose the link you need. After that, you will be automatically transferred on Astroneer’s page.
Q2. How can I start Astroneer download process?
A2. You can either use the links in the head of this page that will lead you to the pages of the game on the stores or search these pages via browser for yourself. Once you are on the page, complete buying procedure, pay for the game and enjoy it.
Q3. Is there Astroneer free download?
A3. No, Astroneer is not free to download. It costs $29.99 for Windows PC. There is a 4 percent discount if you buy the game plus soundtrack. Microsoft Store offers the game for Xbox One for the same price.
Q4. Can I play Astroneer game online?
A4. Yes, you can choose an online mode and play with your friends or other players.
Q5. Where can I find Astroneer demo?
A5. You can’t find Astroneer demo. The game is available in a full length on Steam, Microsoft Store, and Humble Bundle. Steam offers refund after two weeks of use if it has less than 2 hours gameplay. So, read the review and check the game’s requirements before you actually buy it.
Q6. When Astroneer full game was released?
A6. Astroneer’s full release was planned for 2018, but it was postponed until February 2019, due to numerous reasons. Since 2016 gamers could enjoy Astroneer’s adventure in early access.
Q7. Is there a way to get Astroneer unblocked costumes?
A7. The only way to unlock other suits in the game is to activate Gateway Engines. Every Engine gives you a suit and a new color palette.
Q8. Is there Astroneer torrent for free download?
A8. It is possible, that there is the pirate copy of Astroneer game. Meanwhile, it is highly unlikely that the pirate version of the game is totally safe for your computer. We suggest you use only official stores.
Q9. Is Astroneer free to play?
A9. No, Astroneer is not free to play. It costs $29.99. There are also in-game purchases you may want to buy, like an original soundtrack, for example.
Q10. How can I lower down Astroneer price?
A10. You can buy a pack that includes the full game and DLC with 4 percent discount. You may also wait for some seasonal sales, but unlikely it will happen in the nearest future.
Q11. Is Astroneer pre-order still available?
A11. No, the game was released in its full version on February 6, 2019. Before that, you could pre-order it with a 25 percent reduction.
Q12. Is Astroneer gameplay challenging?
A12. Astroneer gameplay is extremely interesting. You receive more challenges with numerous quests. You can craft items in space, gather resources, explore the space map.
Q13. Can you name Astroneer cheats?
A13. Why do you possibly need cheats for this game? Don’t spoil the fun exploring a new planet, using tools to create something new. There is only one useful cheat that will not ruin entertainment for you – unlimited oxygen. It is currently unavailable after the new updates were released this summer, but you can check it sometime later.
Q14. What are Astroneer mods?
A14. There are two modes in Astroneer: single-player and multiplayer.

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