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Golf It! review: mini-golf experience online

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Golf It!, as you can guess from the title, is a golf simulator, or rather even a mini golf video game. The developer focused on the dynamic gameplay, as well as on fun tasks that need to be addressed through manipulation of the golf ball.

Golf It! will please you with a single campaign and a network mode as well. The latter gives you an opportunity to compete against your friends. You can’t play it without downloading, though you can play it online in a multiplayer mode.

If you want to know more about the game, dive headlong into our Golf It! review.

Graphics — 5/5

Golf It! is a bright sports simulator delivering the best user experience with its colorful visuals. In the game, there are some golf arenas, each of them you can customize yourself in the in-game location editor.

Every element in the game is well-designed and precisely-built. Except for the changeable arenas, there are shifting day and night modes. Both of them boast of superb graphics, lighting, and shadows.

Supported by the fantastic graphics, the game experience can be elevated by visuals even more. You can create the most intricate levels in the editor and then share them with your friends. There are different maps, grassy, ice, sand field covers, and much more to customize with in-game tools.

Gameplay — 4.5/5

Golf it! is an online mini-golf game. Being a sports simulator, it is built on fun and some of the real golf skills. The idea is very simple: with simple blows regulate the strength and direction of docking the ball to the hole. You can try your hand at various levels with all sorts of descents, turns, and traps.

At first glance, the game may seem too primitive, but this impression is deceptive. The first pockets are really simple enough, so it appears that it is impossible to lose in this game. But with each new level, the ball gets harder and harder, the trajectories of the blows and their power become more intricate and ornate. The further you succeed in the game, the more uncontrollable becomes a ball.

In the online Golf It! mastery comes with practice as in the real one. The developers of the game tried to ensure that the holes are at different angles to complicate your task.

The maps are as varied as possible, so you’ll swim in the water, take a ride on various descents, play the ball on multiple jumps, and even shoot yourself with your own ball from the cannon.

As Golf It! is a multiplayer game it will provide dynamic, fun, and creative multiplayer experience to the players. With the multiplayer editor, you can build and play on the custom maps along with your friends. You can play both on the readymade arenas or modified maps.

You can’t download Golf It! for free, but the game is available on Steam at a reasonable price. Download Golf It! and get the best online golf experience possible.

Controls — 4.5/5

The Golf It! controls are straightforward to the edge. As the game was developed for Windows PC, the mouse and the keyboard should be used as the controllers.

By moving your mouse, you can have a good view of the entire arena. With a mouse swing, you can undertake a shot. The faster you swing the mouse, the harder you will hit the ball. There are altogether different controls in the editor mode of the game. For instance, W to create a hole, B to create a bunker, etc.

Replay Value — 4.5/5

Golf It! holds no storyline at all. However, it offers you possibilities for customizing maps and golf arenas. This fact can impact the replay value significantly.

The abundance of different maps and the simplicity of controls make the players return to the game often. With the multiplayer editor, the replay value bounces even higher.

In Golf It! you can download various maps from the Steam Workshop, where players post their creations. Experiment yourself by creating the most complex or simple fan levels.


Do you like sports simulators and already played most of them? Take a look at Golf It!, the golf simulator with the inbuilt tools for creativity.

The game has simple controls and some features to keep you on your toes until the ball makes it to the hole. With the colorful visuals and the plethora of available golf locations, Golf It! becomes a truly addictive title for the fans.

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 4.5
  • Controls 4.5
  • Replay Value 4.5


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Golf It! FAQ

Q1. Can I download Golf It! game for free?
A1. No. Golf It! is not a free game. You need to pay to get it.
Q2. Can I play Golf It! game online?
A2. Yes. Golf It! is an online multiplayer game.
Q3. How to get Golf It! on Steam?
A3. You can get Golf It! on Steam by purchasing it for $8,99. Sign in to your account and add the game to cart. After buying the game, you can download it and play.
Q4. How does Golf It! differ from other golf video games?
A4. Golf It! special feature is a Multiplayer Editor, where you can build and play custom maps together with your friends.
Q5. Is Golf It! among free golf games available for playing without downloading?
A5. No, Golf It! is not a free game, and you need to download it to play.

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