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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Review: The Funniest Strategy

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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a real-time strategy sandbox game by Landfall. You are provided with a wide range of troops from different epochs and recreated historical battlefields. Due to free match-designing and wacky ragdoll physics, you can get deeply into battles and experience how faith worked when there were no guns. You can download Totally Accurate Battle Simulator for Windows and Mac OS on Steam.

Graphics 4.5/5

The score for graphics is below 5 not because it looks bad, but because of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator system requirements. This lightweight 3GB game requires 4GB of video RAM and 8GB RAM, which seems to bee too much for a small stylized indie sandbox. However, it looks really nice, and the unscripted ragdoll physics engine works excellently.

Gameplay 5/5

You are free to tune Totally Accurate Battle Simulator gameplay up to your interest. You can start from simple 1v1 battles with the AI and scale them up until your RAM says to stop the mayhem. The game covers several historical periods, including prehistoric men, Ancient Rome, Vikings with a fable flavor, and more. Before starting a battle, you can select types of troops and allocate them around the map in any order that you consider effective. Press the start button when you finish, sit back, and enjoy the show. The AI will lead your guys forward, while the strategy that you used earlier will lead them to victory or certain death. No matter what the exodus is, you will have loads of fun watching the fight.

Controls 5/5

While making this Totally Accurate Battle Simulator review, we used nothing but a mouse for a convenient play. On the preparation stage, you have to select soldiers by clicking them and allocate by dragging to the right place. You can use copy-paste on the keyboard to pick up soldier types faster of copy squads. During the battle, you can move the camera around and zoom with the mouse wheel.

Replay Value 4/5

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator full game provides you with total freedom of action. You can either try to complete the campaign challenges and unlock achievements or have fun creating endless battle conditions to test the abilities of the engine. It would be much more replayable it developers added a multiplayer mode. Imagine how fun it will be to watch fights with a friend on a single device or online.

The Bottom Line

This strategy game is a unique time killer for any occasion. It sets a perfect competitive mood that will make your day. It’s hard labor to win here, but the amount of fun and thrill you get is worth a single victory after 50 defeats. It’s quite a stable Early Access release, but it definitely needs some improvements, including a multiplayer mode.

  • Graphics 4.5
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 4


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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator FAQ

Q1. How can I get Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Windows?
A1. You can install the game for Windows platform from Steam.

Q2. Can I download Totally Accurate Battle Simulator on the Windows that is less than Windows 10 version?
A2. Yes, the minimum requirement is to have the version no less than Windows 7.

Q3. Is the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator free download on Xbox One?
A3. No, the game is paid.

Q4. Can I play Totally Accurate Battle Simulator game online?
A4. No, the game is unavailable to play online.

Q5. I heard that I can install only Totally Accurate Battle Simulator demo version from Steam. Is it true?
A5. No, for now, the game is on Early Access stage. It is not the same as the demo.

Q6. Does it mean that I can’t download Totally Accurate Battle Simulator full game from Steam?
A6. No, Steam sells the only full version of the game.

Q7. Can I get Totally Accurate Battle Simulator unblocked version for free on the official site?
A7. No, there is no free version.

Q8. Can I install Totally Accurate Battle Simulator torrent on my MacBook?
A8. We do not recommend you to use torrents. It is unsafe.

Q9. But the torrents mean that I can get Totally Accurate Battle Simulator free to play version. Why they are unsafe?
A9. Torrents are illegal files that are not supported by the official developers' team.

Q10. What is the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator price in Early Access stage?
A10. The current price without discount is under $10 – only $8.80.

Q11. Can I make a Totally Accurate Battle Simulator pre-order to get the full version?
A11. No, there are no pre-orders yet.

Q12. What is the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator gameplay about?
A12. The game belongs to simulation and tactic categories where you need to prepare yourself to the greatest battles of the history.

Q13. What Totally Accurate Battle Simulator cheats can I use during the battle?
A13. You can’t cheat in the game because the developers always update it.

Q14. Do the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator mods include the multiplayer mode?
A14. No, you can only play in a single-player mode.

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