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Jurassic World Evolution

Jurassic World Evolution

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Jurassic World Evolution Review – Build Your Own Jurassic Park

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Jurassic World Evolution is a business simulation game in which you can experience yourself in the role of the creator of your own Jurassic Park in locations of the 2015 movie. Your work includes many difficult chores like security improvement, dinosaur transportation, and more. You can download Jurassic World Evolution for PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

Graphics – 5/5

At first sight, you may think that Jurassic World Evolution game is a new The Sims entry. Fortunately, it’s not, and the Archipelago is much more picturesque than The Sims towns. Each island has astonishing tropical views. The building process is animated with beautiful time-shifts. Dinosaurs are also very detailed and endowed with natural physics. It’s fascinating to zoom in and look after each of them to capture new moments every time.

Gameplay – 5/5

Jurassic World Evolution gameplay consists of constructing a theme park with real dinosaurs, just like in the original movie. You have to start with an Expedition Center that allows you to command paleontologists who find dinosaur DNA for sequencing. Next, you have to upgrade their genes with DNAs of modern species to fill evolutionary gaps and let them survive in today’s natural conditions. All upgrades change dinosaur appearance, stats, and make them more or less aggressive.

You have not only to build scientific facilities and attractions, but also to take charge of security systems, and change the terrain to match the park purposes. Consider that every dinosaur is AI-driven and mimics the behavior of real ones. It means that you should read about each species to avoid dangerous situations.

And don’t forget that your park is a huge entertainment business. Take pictures of dinos to raise publicity. You’re also free to change entry fees and hire/fire employees within every facility to adjust economic balance.

Controls – 4.5/5

Jurassic World Evolution controls are very similar to Coaster Planet’s, but the entire menu is placed along the left edge of the screen. We tested both console and PC versions for this Jurassic World Evolution review. The mouse appeared to be a more convenient input. It allows you to switch commands much faster, while the gamepad requires you to do many clicks to choose anything as there is no cursor.

Replay Value – 4.5/5

Jurassic World Evolution full game walkthrough may take you about 12 hours of pure gameplay. It’s incredibly immersive due to the wide range of opportunities for free building and scenario-making. It’s also impossible not to love your dinos that are so realistic and alive. If you feel short of content, you’re welcome to download 5 official DLC. They also come as a part of the Premium Edition game pack.


Jurassic World Evolution is the best entry of the Jurassic Park game series. Frontier Development appeared to be the best perpetrators for such a difficult mission. The idea of Jurassic Park Builder from 2001 and 2012 and Operation Genesis from 2003 now became what it always had to be. Now it’s not hard to recommend the title to everyone who loves dinosaurs, the movie, and qualitative business simulators.

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 4.5
  • Replay Value 4.5


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Jurassic World Evolution FAQ

Q1. Where can I download Jurassic World Evolution PS4?
A1. You can download Jurassic World Evolution game for PS4 from PlayStation Store. You will find the link on the direct page of the game behind the “Get Game” button above. It will redirect you to the store.
Q2. What other platforms are available for Jurassic World Evolution download?
A2. You can download Jurassic World Evolution on PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. Use only official stores for downloading.
Q3. Can I find Jurassic World Evolution free download option here?
A3. No, Jurassic World Evolution is not free of charge game. Besides, our website does not offer downloading options. We may only help you to find the page of the game at the store of the platform you use.
Q4. Can I play Jurassic World Evolution game online?
A4. No, Jurassic World Evolution is not an online game. You don’t have to look for WiFi connection and can enjoy the game even in a subway.
Q5. Is there Jurassic World Evolution demo version?
A5. There is no demo version of Jurassic World Evolution game. If you want to check whether the game will work on your device or not, read the description first and basic requirements. You can also watch official trailers. Besides, if you order the game on Steam, you have a 10 percent discount for Premium Edition.
Q6. Is Jurassic World Evolution full game?
A6. Yes, the game was released in its full version on June 2018. Since that time there were numerous updates made by developers. However, they were all free of charge. If you want to extend your opportunities, there are DLC expansions like Claire’s Sanctuary and Secrets of Dr. Wu, which you can buy separately or in one pack.
Q7. Are the new updates in Jurassic World Evolution unblocked automatically?
A7. Yes, all the system updates are usually free of charge and already unblocked. If you opt for DLC, they cost money. Last free update added maps and sandbox mode options.
Q8. Can I find Jurassic World Evolution torrent free option?
A8. Why not? This is the popular game and numerous pirate websites offer free of charge version. However, usually, it is just a trick. But even if you download Jurassic World Evolution from torrent for free there is no protection from viruses.
Q9. Where can I find Jurassic World Evolution free to play?
A9. There is no free to play option for Jurassic World Evolution. While the game costs money it is extremely popular worldwide. The company sold millions of copies for the last 2 years.
Q10. How much Jurassic World Evolution costs?
A10. You can buy Jurassic World Evolution for $49.99 on the PlayStation Store. You can also buy all DLC there. Steam Store offers you 25th Frontier Anniversary collection, Premium and Deluxe Edition. There is a 10 percent discount for Premium Edition.
Q11. Is there Jurassic World Evolution pre-order?
A11. Pre-order was available back in 2018. Since that time there were no similar extra offers. The game continues to win awards for its performance. If developers decide to extend the game or announce pre-order for another version, you will find the information on their webpage.
Q12. How diverse is Jurassic World Evolution gameplay?
A12. While we already discussed all the great moments of gameplay above, it must be said that various modes of gameplay allow every player to find something interesting for them.
Q13. What is Jurassic World Evolution cheats?
A13. Once you pay for the game $49.99, unlikely you will want to use cheats or tricks. This way you will not improve your game experience. But there are more than 10 different cheats for the game that gave you unlimited health, food, water, comfort, power, and money. It may improve your construction and research skills as well.
Q14. What are the main gameplay Jurassic World Evolution mods?
A14. There is a career mode that attracts many players. Now the game offers sandbox mode as well. If you are tired from easy quests, pick Challenge mode and play hard.

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