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Risk Review: Dominate the World through Strategic Thinking

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Risk is a game that allows you to pave your way towards world domination by making smart decisions. Download Risk from Steam today to experience the classic board game in its modern interpretation!

Graphics 4/5

Risk is definitely not a game where graphics define the user experience, but it still benefits from having rather good visuals. The graphics are colorful and textured enough to emulate the real-life playing experience decently, and they blend in well with the overall user interface design.

On the other hand, the lack of customization features for the maps and armies is quite disappointing. It seems like having themed maps and troops would instantly increase its long-term appeal, but unfortunately, this feature has not been implemented yet.

Gameplay 3/5

Playing Risk is an enjoyable experience regardless of whether you’ve already played the physical version or just starting out with the game. One of the main benefits of the digital version is the ability to play even when you’re alone. You can either play against configurable AI (we have to warn you it’s far from perfect though), or find people who’ll play with you through online multiplayer. However, this flexibility comes at a cost.

If you do have friends or family members willing to play the digital edition of Risk with you, you can all play on one computer with the Hot Seat multiplayer feature. This may actually be a better way to play Risk because it allows you to communicate and discuss the game in real life. Otherwise, you are limited to just making your own moves and observing those others make, which takes away from the playing experience. Implementing a simple voice- or at least text-based chat would’ve gone a long way in making the digital version a lot more fun.

Controls 4/5

The controls in Risk are quite precise and well-implemented. There is virtually no learning curve to them, especially if you’re already familiar with the game itself and know what to expect. Otherwise, PopCap provides a helpful tutorial to explain the essence of the game and its controls to newbie players.

Replay Value 4/5

You are definitely going to keep coming back to this game if you’re a fan of Risk. For casual gamers, the replayability may be limited, but you’re still going to get your money’s worth from the game.

The Bottom Line

If you’re a fan of Risk game, you’re going to play the digital version regardless of its flaws. Otherwise, its shortcomings might prevent you from fully appreciating this board game classic. Either way, it is a good idea to give the game a try and let its old-school charm work its magic on you.

  • Graphics 4
  • Gameplay 3
  • Controls 4
  • Replay Value 4


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Risk FAQ

Q1. Can I download Risk mac OS X from Steam?
A1. No, you can install only the version for Windows Microsoft.

Q2. How can I download Risk from Steam?
A2. Firstly, check if you meet all the necessary system requirements, then, you need to log in on the platform. The final step is to download the game and install it on the computer.

Q3. Does the game have a Risk free download version?
A3. No, there is no free version.

Q4. Is it true that Risk game online multiplayer is available to play on Windows?
A4. No, there is no multiplayer online mode.

Q5. Where can I find Risk demo?
A5. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have the demo. You can read the reviews if you do not know to buy or not to buy the game.

Q6. How much size does Risk full game need?
A6. The minimum requirement is 1 GB of free space on the Storage.

Q7. I was told that I can download free Risk unblocked version. What is the site name?
A7. We do not know about this. On all official sources Risk is a paid game.

Q8. Is Risk torrent paid?
A8. Commonly, torrents are free. But they are risky and illegal because violate copyright.

Q9. Where can I found Risk free to play game for mobile phone?
A9. There is no free to play versions for mobile phones.

Q10. What is the current Risk price on Steam?
A10. The current price is $6.50.

Q11. Can I make Risk pre-order for upcoming releases?
A11. No, there is no pre-order list.

Q12. Is it true that Risk gameplay comes from the board game?
A12. Yes, firstly, Risk was a popular strategy board game and then it was transferred on the PC.

Q13. What are the popular Risk cheats?
A13. The developers are always trying to find and remove dishonest tricks that help to win the game.

Q14. What Risk modes are available to play?
A14. There is only one mode – a single-player.

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